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TOP SELLER: Magic Butter is your all-in-one day cream, night cream, eye cream, serum, primer and moisturizer!

– Ultra nourishing and hydrating. Nutrient-packed for anti-aging. Promotes firmer, younger skin.
– Protects against breakouts and blemishes. Promotes your natural glow!
– Non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory (calming, soothing for the skin) and antioxidant properties

– 100% Organic Ingredients: Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Rosehip Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Essential Oils (listed below), Apple Stem Cells, Leucidal Liquid Radish Root (natural preservative), and Lots of Love!

New & Upgraded Magic Butter Eye and Face Cream with Haloxyl, Edelweiss Extract and Lemongrass!

– 100% Organic Ingredients: Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Rosehip Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Essential Oils (listed below), Apple Stem Cells, Haloxyl, Edelweiss Extract and Leucidal Liquid Radish Root (natural preservative), and Lots of Love!

Select your favorite scent or favorite therapeutic benefits! You can’t go wrong with either one, they’re ALL amazing!

* Use within 6 months of opening.

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Magic Butter addresses several issues from helping to strengthen & regenerate the skin by enhancing collagen production to reducing skin discoloration and inflammation.

Mothers love this product because it has also become their favorite “first aid” cream using it as a:

  • bug bite remedy
  • winter dry skin soother,
  • summer skin hydrator
  • adios pimple cream

It also heals and soothes:

  • scratches
  • eczema
  • keratosis polaris
  • sunburns & more!

* Use within 6 months of opening.

Lavender (Frankincense & Ylang Ylang): Soothes skin, improves acne, anti-aging.

Blue Tansy (Frankincense & Ylang Ylang): Complex aroma-a combination of sweet, fruity and herbaceous scent. Calms the skin, reduces heat, and relieves delicate or troubled skin.

Cedarwood (Frankincense & Tea Tree) Skin-cleansing properties, Helps maintain the appearance of youthful skin, moisturizes and conditions. Treats acne, inflammation, and excess oil.

Unscented (Frankincense): Strengthens skin and improves its tone, elasticity, and defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes.

Lemongrass (Frankincense & Lavender):  brightening and toning, help keep acne at bay. It has antiseptic and astringent properties, which can help you obtain glowing skin while sterilizing the pores and strengthening the facial skin.

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Blue Tansy, Blue Tansy (with Haloxyl & Edelweiss Extract), Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemongrass (with Haloxyl & Edelweiss Extract), Unscented

15 reviews for Magic Butter *Best Seller*

  1. Genesis (verified owner)

    Soooo in love with this product!! It is LEGIT MAGIC! It worked so well on my first time using it & now it’s been about 2 weeks and the only thing I’m sad about is that I didn’t purchase this product sooner!
    Clean ingredients, smells great, feels amazing, & supporting small business!!
    Telling all my friends and family about these awesome skin care products!
    Magic skin nutrients has another customer for life! <3

  2. Inga

    I have been using Magic butter for a couple of years and I just love how the product heals my skin and makes it feel so radiant. The fact that it has no added chemicals makes it the best choice for your skin and body.

  3. Gretchen Lai (verified owner)

    Back here again to sing the praises of Magic Butter! My daughters and I have used Magic Butter for many years and love it, and now my husband has begun to use the cedarwood version and noticed the wrinkles around his eyes have gone away! I have also noticed his skin looks healthier and brighter. You have won another family member to the magic of Magic Butter!

  4. Janice nunez

    Love the newest magic butter Cream with Haloxyl, Edelweiss Extract and Lemongrass!
    I have extremely sensitive skin. I did not have any issues , skin felt nourishing and soft, yet so light felt natural no heavy feelings. I have use the magic butter on even bug bite relieved the area itch. I recommend you will love the facial package cleanser. And toner too!

  5. Gretchen (verified owner)

    We LOVE Magic Butter at our house! I have used it for 5 years and have noticed a significant difference in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and my skin glows! We also use it on our daughter’s eczema patches, and it reduces them so quickly.  And my latest discovery is how quickly Magic Butter heals the cracks on my feet! 

  6. Lucia (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the magic butter for about a month, and can see how my skin is softer, tighter, and looks healthier!
    Love that all the ingredients are natural!
    Thank you so much for such a great product! My new favorite!❤️❤️

  7. Rosie

    If I’m even close to running out, I order more right away. I love this stuff that much. A little goes a long way, but I always go heavy because my skin drinks it all up. It’s a glorious treat for my face. Putting makeup on, being out in the elements and in the sun throughout the day, my face goes through the ringer. And this magic butter is absolutely the rejuvenation my skin craves at the end of a long day. I even put it in my hair! Smooths and make my curls shine. What can’t this butter do?? My favorite scent is the cedarwood.

  8. Ingegerd Bergstrom Dunn (verified owner)

    I just love love love my magic butter face cream. It makes my skin so soft and healthy. I also love that it works both as a face and eye cream, all in one jar. Stay healthy and use magic butter.

  9. Kelly (verified owner)

    I love this product! I can see the difference in my skin texture . I had read a previous review that mentioned they used it as an eye cream. I tried it and now will be using it as well as as an eye cream in addition to a face. moisturizer.

  10. Emily Rangel (verified owner)

    I’ve never in my life used any sort of face cream but I got a sample of it and tried it and ended up ordering a full size one! I have Lavender. I love how glowing and healthy it makes my skin look – Im 33 and starting to want to slow down the aging process and using this on my face after my showers makes my skin look radiant. I have very oily skin and this product does not help, however the “glow” it gives my face is well worth it and I just use blotting papers to absorb excess oil as I always have, and my skin is less oily and still glowing. I love this stuff!

  11. Erin Moter (verified owner)

    What can’t magic butter do?!? I use it every morning and every night on my face and neck and it has helped clear acne, even out redness, and smooth scars. As if that’s not enough, I use it on my entire family to help heal bug bites, scrapes/scratches, diaper rash, cracked hands, and sunburn. I even used it on my youngest son’s cradle cap! My older son calls it the “Magic Stuff.” A little bit goes a long way and, if you ask my family, it’s worth every penny!

  12. Jenni Delamora (verified owner)

    Love it! I have been using it for years and I can really see the difference in my skin. I’ve had others compliment me as well. I feel so much more comfortable going out without any foundation after using Magic Butter. Highly recommend it!!

  13. Marla Francis

    I’ve been using this stuff for years now and won’t put any other moisturizer on my face. This is truly the best. However, a little goes a long way so no need to use too much. I hope you try it…you won’t regret it! And if you don’t have dry skin on your face…save it for after a sunburn, or for treatment of severely dry skin, or I even put it on my babies rash and it helped. It’s great stuff!

  14. Monika S.

    This stuff is AMAZING! Makes my skin feel so smooth and helps even out the redness on my face!
    10/10 recommend!

  15. Amber Fox

    It really is magic!
    It’s more than just for your face!!
    My daughter had a bad rash I tried every natural diaper balm on the market and they only made it worse. Even the creams from the doctors couldn’t help. The magic butter finally gave us some relief after only 2 days!
    It helps heal my cracked heels and my dry hands from tough work!
    Do yourself a favor, buy it.

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